Restaurant Experince

At Jivhala, you can experience the great Maharashtrian culture by choosing to dine in any of the 3 spaces. Its doors, 100 years old themselves, are an important piece of the great Maharashtrian heritage that stuns and amazes every soul that walks through.
The first space, Aangan will make you feel like you are actually dining in a traditional Wada. A few steps in, our enchanting staircase will immerse you in the bravery and deep-rooted pride of the Maratha dynasty as you move on to lay gaze on the beautiful, authentic and intricate designs of Maharashtrian sarees. You will feel a sense of pride and serenity as you find yourself amongst the famous Maharashtrian saints and freedom fighters studded on the wall. The second space, the Deewan Khana is our fine-dining space that is bound to make you feel like royalty while dining.
Further the stairway takes you to our third dining space, Gachhi, is an informal space meant for those who wish to dine beneath the stars while enjoying some delicious food with loved ones.